run your mental marathon with endurance

Running over 111 marathons was hard, but it's nothing compared to life's mental marathons.  Whether like me your mental marathon is losing a child, or whether it's something else,
God wants you to run your race with endurance, and I'm here to help you.


Pediatrician, husband, father, marathoner, follower of Jesus, these are some of the roles that describe me.  But there is no word for the role of a parent who loses a child, and there are no words to adequately describe the mental marathon it takes you on.

It was a beautiful day in La Jolla.  The sun was streaming through the clouds, and I was in the middle of my usual morning run.  But my heart was heavy and weighing me down with every step, as it was soon after losing my son.   

So I paused, right here where I took this picture, and in that moment Jesus spoke to my heart and comforted me.  "Don't worry Peter, your son is with me and you'll see him again".   

Those words gave me the endurance I needed to keep going.

My journey has transformed from pediatrician, to helping people move forward daily in their lives, to empowering physicians to avoid burnout. 

Now, my role has evolved even more meaningfully.  My mission is to equip and encourage you to run your mental marathon with endurance.  We're in this together.

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